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Visiting Team Information

  • Diagram of our Pool Deck
  • Our pool closes to residents at 4:30 pm so we can set up for meets.  Please do not arrive prior to 4:30 as it generates phone calls from our HOA.  Also, as you know from your own set up, there is a lot to do.  Please be mindful of that as you set up on our deck as we may ask you to move as we complete our process. 
  • Please do not set up under the brick covered portion of the deck, we use that area for concessions. 
  • The visiting team's bullpen will be located next to the clubhouse near the shaded picnic benches in the corner on the Southeast side of the pool.
  • The visiting team's bullpen is in the direct sun for a large portion of the meet as it faces west. We recommend you bring shade tents for your swimmers and parents.
  • The scorers table will be located directly behind the announcer on the West corner of the pool.
  • River Green provides a ready bench for your swimmers if you would like to use it for child management purposes.  It will be located near the bathrooms by the North corner of the pool.
  • River Green is a large proponent of merging meets in met manager prior to being on the pool deck.  This allows us to meet our goal of getting the swim meet finished prior to 9 p.m.  Our coaches will merge your file with ours and shrink down the meet per the CCSA meet merge documentation, so we can all leave at a reasonable hour.
  • Because we merge data, River Green meets run much faster than what you are likely used to. Please prepare any bullpen and ready bench parents and make them aware that they should be calling children to the bullpen ten (10) events in advance of what is posted near the starter at the West corner of the pool.
  • Timers: Please make your timers aware that because of the merge, they will need to time for our swimmers in your lanes.  Since we DO NOT use timer cards, they will simply need to capture and read off the time to the RG timer to their right or left to be recorded.  It is that simple.
  • Our timers are trained to use your time cards.  When you come to the meet just have the cards for your swimmers stacked by lane, and we will get them on our timers clipboards.  They will take care of the rest for your team.
  • Place judges: We train the score keepers from both teams on merged heats to denote them with a large "C" next to the event number.  This helps scorekeeping and ribbons.
  • Scorekeepers:  Scorekeepers will be provided a fully merged heat sheet along with a heat sheet with just their teams swimmers.  Occasionally scoring can be off by a couple points, so we ask that you do an audit between the scorekeepers every 5 to 10 events to make sure the numbers are correct.  Running meets quickly makes for an error or two, but those can be quickly remedied with cool, calm and collected scorekeepers.
  • We ask that all parents provide enough room near the edge of the pool so officials and timers may walk between both ends unimpeded.
  • The wading pool and waterslide pools are CLOSED during swim meets.  Please make sure your swimmers do not go in either of the pools.
  • River Green does provide concessions with both food and beverages.
  • Team Coordinators may park in the two spaces set aside for them in the west (left) parking lot as you turn right onto Clubhouse Drive.
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Heritage Club at River Green

201 Clubhouse Drive, Canton, GA, United States Directions 34.224514 -84.53765699999997 Map of 201 Clubhouse Drive, Canton, GA, United States
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