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Markup Sheets

There are two types of sheets we use during meets, a markup sheet and a heat sheet.

The markup sheet contains a list of all our team entries for a particular meet.  The entries are listed in alphabetical order by swimmer name.  This sheet is used to markup each swimmer's arm or leg so they know what events, heats, lanes, etc. they are swimming.

The following is an example of a swimmer's events.  Events are broken down by age/gender and stroke.

The swimmer's arm or leg would be marked as follows:

In the above example, event 15 is a medley relay and the swimmer is marked as 5(3)fly under the lane column.  This means the relay team is swimming in lane 5 and the swimmer is the 3rd swimmer, swimming the butterfly stroke.   

Stroke: If you'd like to note the stroke do so after the lane designation.

- FR = Freestyle
- BA = Back Stroke
- BR = Breast Stroke
- FLY = Butterfly
- IM = Individual Medley
- FRR = Free Relay (All swimmers swim freestyle)
- MR = Medley Relay (Each swimmer swims a different stroke: 1st = back, 2nd=breast, 3rd=fly, 4th=free)

Relay Marking: Below is an alternative way to mark relays.  
- 1/1 = Lane 1, first relay leg
- 4/2 = Lane 4, 2nd relay leg **If the Medley Relay this will be Breast Stroke

Write on clean dry skin with no sunscreen.

Name: Please write your child's full name and age on their upper back

Dive Marking: For meets where diving is allowed, mark a “D” on the shoulder of those swimmers who are certified to dive. You be notified if a meet is held at a pool that allows diving.

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Heat Sheets

The heat sheet, also known as the Meet Program, is a printed listing of all events for a swim meet.  It could be a combined heat sheet, listing both teams' entries into events, or it could list only our team entries.

Events are listed in order usually alternating girl's and boy's events.  In the upper age groups, girl's and boy's events may be combined to speed up the meet, but each is event is scored separately (i.e., girls and boys are swimming at the same time, but not competing in the same events).

Here is an example of an event from a heat sheet showing above swimmer's third event, the 25 yard breaststroke.

Seed time is the fastest time a swimmer, or a team of swimmers for relays, has swum an event prior to the submission of entries for the meet.  For individuals, this is the time entered for the swimmer for the event, and is a good goal to try to beat.  It also factors into lane placement and heat number.  Occasionally, a time will be listed as NT, which indicates there is no time on record for that swimmer.

The individual medley (IM) is swam in order of 1) butterfly, 2) baskstroke, 3) breaststroke, 4) freestyle.


The following example is of the 100 yard medley relay.

Medley relays are swum in the following order:

Swimmer 1:  backstroke

Swimmer 2:  breaststroke

Swimmer 3:  butterfly

Swimmer 4:  freestyle.

100-yard Relays:  In 100-yard relays, swimmers 1 and 3 enter the water at one of the pool, and swimmers 2 and 4 at the opposite end.  Each swimmer swims one length of the pool, or 25 yards.

200-yard Relays:  In 200-yard relays, all swimmers start and end at the same end of the pool, and each swimmer swims two lengths, or 50 yards.

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