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Meet Registration Instructions

We understand that with summer travel plans it is often impossible to make every swim meet. To accurately track which swimmers will be available for meets, parents are required to log-in online and indicate whether your child will be attending each upcoming meet. This is called “Meet Entry”.

While designating your swimmer’s attendance for the meet you can also sign-up for volunteer shifts. You will be required to sign-up for a minimum number of volunteer shifts this season. A reminder with the deadline to check-in will be sent each week. You must complete the parent volunteer shift even if your swimmer does not swim.


  • Registration closes the Friday prior to the meet at 11:30 PM before a meet. NO EXCEPTIONS!  No last minute additions will be accepted.  If you are unsure if your child will be able to attend a meet, it is better to register that child and let the coaches know as soon as possible if they cannot make the meet.  It is easier to remove a child from a meet than add one.
  • Heat Sheets and Meet Schedules will be sent out prior to each meet.
  • All meets start at 6 pm and providing there is good weather and no delays, each meet should end around 10 pm (though our current announcer will enable us to finish quicker during home meets).
  • Swim meet warm up schedule: When we are the home team – 5 pm. RiverGreen Rays should report to the pool by 4:45 pm.When we are the visiting team – 5:30 pm. RiverGreen Rays should report to the pool by 5:15 pm.

How to register for a Meet:

Log In to the Website. Log-In is found in the upper right hand corner.

Sign on to your account. If you can’t remember your password, click Unable to login to reset your password.

Under the Swim Meets tab select Meet Registration then select a swim meet.  

  • Click Job Sign-up and sign up for volunteer shifts (note one parent may sign in both parents to save time of registering, scroll down and you’ll see the other parent listed). If you know you and your spouse will not be at this meet, skip this step.
  • Click Save Assignments.
  • Click Back to Swim Meets.
  • Click Swimmer Sign-up and then click Edit Entries.
  • For each of your swimmers, select an option from the drop down next to their names.
    • Attending this meet and available for any relays
    • Attending this meet but cannot attend early relays
    • Attending this meet but cannot attend late relays
    • Attending this meet but cannot attend any relays
    • Will not be attending this meet



Selecting the correct relay option is very important. Six and under only has a freestyle relay and it is early in the meet. 7 & Up has the Freestyle Relay early in the meet and the Medley Relay in the middle of the program (considered the "late relay"). Don’t assume your swimmer will or won’t be selected for relays; you'll need to check the heat sheets for relay entries. If your swimmer will NOT be at the Meet, it is very important to note "Will not be attending this meet" as that helps us know who has not signed up that is still attending vs. those not attending.

  • Click Save Entries to record your choices.
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