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Parent Policies

Parents are the backbone of our organization. They drive the swimmers to workouts and meets; they work at all our home meets and some away meets and are involved in other matters to support the team. Parents should encourage their swimmers and constantly give positive support.

1) A parent/responsible adult must accompany all children under the age of 13 to practice and meets.

2) We want your swimmer to establish a constructive relationship with their coach concerning swimming matters as soon as possible. A good relationship between coach and swimmer produces the best results for both the swimmer and the team. When parents interfere with a coach's opinion as to how the swimmer should swim or train, it can cause considerable confusion for the swimmer. If you have a problem or concern involving your swimmer, please contact the coach immediately. The coaches are the absolute authority in matters of swimming schedules, swimmer development, and participation in meets.

3) Always offer encouragement; never lecture your child about a poor race. Let your swimmer discuss the race with the coach and then do your job, that of giving them support and encouragement to do better next time.

4) A coach and a program can be supported or ruined in the eyes of a swimmer by the parent. Never complain about the time your child puts in each day at practice. Rather, make him/her feel that it is worthwhile, and if this is something that he/she wants to do, you will help. Anything worthwhile requires sacrifice and hard work.

5) New and younger swimmers are most likely to experience inconsistent performances (e.g., times). This inconsistency can be frustrating for parents, coaches, and the swimmer alike. Parents and coaches must be patient and permit these youngsters to learn to love the sport.

6) Use good manners at swim meets. After the starter has blown the whistle, remain silent until the race has begun, then shout your encouragement.

7) Participation implies responsibility. Parents must become involved and help conduct all meets. There are several volunteer positions for each meet, each with a specific point allocation. Each family must meet the volunteer point obligation for that respective year. If your family does not achieve the volunteer point obligation, your $150 volunteer deposit will be deposited on the Friday following the last meet.

8) Please help when asked; even though we have a minimum volunteer requirement there are times we need extra help or all hands on deck. Life happens, kids get sick, plans change and we may sometimes need an extra hand. Please help when you can.

9) If you have experience in running organizations like a swim team, and you have the time and willingness, make your interest known to the Volunteer Coordinators or Head Coach. Most commonly, talented and wonderful parents are reluctant to step forward without being invited. Do not be bashful.

10) Those who have participated for several seasons need to remember that new parents bring fresh ideas and new blood. New parents need to remember that parents who have been associated with the Rays Swim Team awhile have an understanding of the local swimming community, and have done something right to become part of the program leadership. Listen and learn. These parents have survived the summer league years, and have a lot of wisdom to share.

11) The happiest team has the most people working together.

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